Chocolate Slim

Chocolate Slim

Chocolate Slim is a slimming product with 100% NATURAL ingredients.
With Chocolate Slim doesn’t longer you need to change your diet and daily routine, as the product acts independently, burning fat cells and preventing the formation of new ones.


The right combination of natural products for weight loss, contribute to achieving the desired results in a short period (you can notice them even after one week of product consumption). Chocolate Slim reduces the appetite and stimulates the body’s activities thanks to its main component: glucomannan.


The glucomanno helps the body to reduce the sense of appetite, maintaining vitality and energy the body needs. The Glucomanno is a substance derived from the roots ofthe Konjac plant, a plant that originated in Asia. In addition, the Glucomanno is rich insoluble dietary fibers which fall within the category of dietary fiber.
Among the benefits of Glucomannan we have:
– Weight loss and reduction of triglycerides;
– Lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the so-called “bad” cholesterol);
– Elimination of the effect of constipation.
Considering the incentive function of the body, you can take Chocolate Slim throughout the day. It isn’t recommended to take the product in the evening.
If you assume Chocolate Slim in the morning or at lunchtime, they will be assured of excellent performance throughout the day.
Dilute 1-2 teaspoons of chocolate in hot water and stir. The number of teaspoons varies depending on the type of chocolate that favorite: black (2 teaspoons); normal (1 teaspoon). Let cool and enjoy your delicious and healthy Chocolate Slim.
We recommend taking a short period of two weeks to a month. After you will have to stop using it for a month. Over the month off, avoid consuming foods too caloric. If you look at all the signs, intake Chocolate Slim will allow you to lose up to 10 KG in a month.
If you need to speed up weight loss, you should combine a diet and physical activity. The results will be highly visible.
Many people have repeated the recruitment cycles and for those who had significant problems are overweight, 2-3 cycles were sufficient to return to a weight-shape condition.
Chocolate Slim is composed exclusively of natural ingredients that contribute to weight reduction. Chocolate Slim stimulates weight loss and normalizes the entire immune system. Also, it has an antiviral effect, blocks the inflammatory processes in the body, creating extremely beneficial to the whole organism. While taking Slim Chocolate, you will notice the following changes:
• Acceleration of the metabolism;
• Decreased sense of hunger;
• Increased resistance to stress;
• Reduction of subcutaneous fat (Chocolate Slim prevents the formation of fat cells in the body);
• Increased cholesterol;
• Increased vitality.
Serum of powdered milk (57%); proteins of whey (15%); glucomannan; oat fiber (3%); soy lecithin (4%); complex of vitamins and minerals; cocoa powder with low fat (5%); L-carnitine (1.5%); aroma; sweetener (sucralose).
Packaging: 100g.
Storage: 12 months

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